We handle general injury cases including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, and other related matters. 
At Janus Law, P.C. we understand that people are seriously injured every day due to someone else's negligence or carelessness, and we are dedicated to helping people who have been injured as a direct result.
Our staff is proficient in helping victims and their families in obtaining compensation for no-fault benefits, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Whether it is a minor injury or a catastrophic event, rest assured that each case will be handled professionally and personally. 
The purchase or sale of a home is often the largest financial commitment a person or family will ever make. In a transaction this complex, it is crucial that clients' interests are protected.  We are experienced in effectively negotiating and resolving the many issues that can arise, from the listing of a home or signing of a contact, through the actual transfer of title. At Janus Law, P.C., our clients receive customized attention to ensure that the many details of a real estate transaction are thoroughly documented and executed for the particular property involved. Our main goal is to protect our clients' interests and close the deal for them. If you are buying or selling a home, please call to speak to us. 
All Serious Injuries Including: Fractures, Scarring, Herniated Discs, Nerve Damage, Neck and Back Injuries, Surgery cases, Knee and Shoulder Injuries, Brain Damage cases 
Slippery Surfaces, Snow and Ice, Uneven Sidewalks (Supermarkets, Malls, Restaurants, Schools, Parking Lots and Homes), Falling Merchandise, Big Box Stores, High Shelves. We have successfully sued various supermarkets and retailers. 
Vicious animal attacks causing scarring, muscle damage and even death. 
The victims of most animal attacks are children. Statistics show that most victims are young boys, and the bites are usually on the children's faces, which are eye-level with the dog's mouth. The owner of a domestic animal (dog, horse or cat) is responsible for that animal's attack, if the animal has vicious propensities which its owner has known about. Known vicious propensities means that the animal has shown a tendency to violent behavior, has bitten, attacked, jumped on people, or has had to be restrained. 
Wild animals, harbored as pets, are automatically presumed vicious. People who keep wild cats, such as cougars, or reptiles and snakes, are under an absolute duty to see that their animal does not injure other people. 
Fatal accidents require expertise in evaluation of damages to survivors and conscious pain and suffering of the deceased. We provide this expertise combined with actuaries that we retain. 
The statistics are frightening but according to an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), over 225,000 people die each year due to Medical Malpractice of one kind or another making it the third leading cause of death in the United States. These mistakes include:
12,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery
7,000 deaths per year from medication errors in hospitals
20,000 deaths per year from other errors in hospitals
80,000 deaths per year from infections in hospitals
106,000 deaths per year from adverse effects of medication 
Physicians owe a duty of care to those who seek their treatment. Once a doctor agrees to treat a patient, he or she has a professional duty to provide competent professional care. 
Many workers are entitled to benefit from state labor laws, so that they are entitled to recover damages caused by a violation of New York Labor Law sections if the equipment required by that law is not provided, or fails. The safety benefits of this statute cover all workers who are injured by an elevation related risk dictating that safety devices must be installed and in good working order during the construction or demolition of any structure to protect you from falling or being struck by a falling object. 
Construction site accidents include injuries from: falling objects; falls from ladders, scaffolds, into uncovered trenches and holes, off roofs, and through floors. Construction site accidents include injuries to workers from the failure of the owner or the general contractor to provide a safe place to work.  
Many construction cases in New York State are covered by the New York State Labor Law, which makes an owner of a property and the general contractor on the job, with certain exceptions, liable for injuries at the property, while work is being performed. 
The Labor Law in New York protects workers who are injured during construction, demolition, painting, or renovation due to falling from a height and from objects that may fall from a height.  
The failure of a general contractor to supply safety equipment necessary to protect workers, such as netting, hard hats, lifelines, or harnesses, can also result in an owner and general contractor being responsible for injuries caused as a result. 

Kids should have a safe environment to study and play in. But sometimes schools don't carefully supervise them or ensure their safety by checking playground equipment or other areas of the school. When a public school fails to protect our children, the law provides for a method of holding them accountable. Call us to find out more. 
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